The Green Buddha line of products was created by the mother-daughter team of Jeanne Dowell and Dana Dowell Windatt, who have had amazing results practicing the principals of Gratitude in their lives. Both are Yoga instructors in the San Francisco Bay Area and are grateful for long time friend, Michele Houston, who serves as their eco-friendly consultant.

Green Buddha’s line of clothing and accessories is more than just a fine product offering – it’s a way of life. The founders of Green Buddha sincerely hope that the Green Buddha line will reflect and inspire a spirit of Gratitude in both the user and the user’s sphere of influence. Green Buddha is a way of promoting a lifestyle of gratitude, compassion, and love while raising one’s consciousness to higher values in life.

The Green Buddha line is made from earth friendly organic cotton, and other super soft fabrics such as bamboo and modal (derived from the renewable source of beech tress.) Bamboo is rain-fed and naturally pest resistant. It is naturally thermal regulating to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer and great as a natural performance fabric as it wicks away moisture. The feel of bamboo material is similar to silk and cashmere. Organic cotton is rain-fed and grown without the use of pesticides or insecticides. Green Buddha reusable tote bags encourage people to reduce the use of earth polluting plastics bags. Even all the paper products, note pads and packaging are made from recycled paper!

Using Green Buddha products brings one in congruence with nature. The ethically responsible production, and conscientious use, of Green Buddha stainless steel water bottles, socks, t-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, beanies, tote bags, yoga mat bags, holiday ornaments, stationary, notepads, children’s clothing and many other items soon to be introduced, demonstrates a philosophy of life and living beyond mere economic expedience. Please visit our store: http://www.thegreenbuddha.net/shop_aog.php

A percentage of our proceeds goes to S.E.E.D.S which provides a grass roots relief to Nepal’s poorest villages. It’s our way of giving back in gratitude for all we have. Our Men’s and Children’s line comes from Bono and Ali Hewson’s clothing line, EDUN, which supports developing areas of the world, particularly Africa.

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